Chelmsford (1944) Rifle Club

Affiliated to: BSRC, ECSRPA, NRA, NSRA
Lee Enfield No.4T action and scope.

Practical - Club Night

18th June 2021 19:00
Hopefully from Monday 21st June the range will be in a position to open fully without restrictions but in the meantime we must abide by the guidance in place. This means:
Range fees will apply, vouchers can be used for range fees but not ammunition which can be purchased for cash. Please bring the correct money as it is unlikely that change will be available.
To begin with, to allow more members an opportunity to shoot, we will be running  two sessions on Monday, Tuesday and Thursday evenings. These will be 6.30pm – 8pm and 8.15pm to 9.45pm. Wednesday and Friday sessions (some of which may be restricted to 4 shooters) will be between 7pm and 10pm. Please leave promptly at the end of your session so that the RO has time to clean between details, similarly please don’t arrive early. This is important because if punctuality isn’t maintained the split evenings will be difficult to run.
To book a session please e-mail the treasurer as before with your membership number and for split sessions tell me if you would prefer early or late. If you can provide me with a second choice, should your first choice be full, you will get more chance of a shoot. These will be logged in the bookings section of the website.
Please would those of you staying towards the end stay with the RO until he has locked up so that you can leave together.
If you are unable to shoot because the allocations are full the tresurer will e-mail you and you will get priority for the same slot the following week.
Chelmsford (1944) Rifle Club Range