Chelmsford (1944) Rifle Club

Affiliated to: BSRC, ECSRPA, NRA, NSRA
Lee Enfield No.4T action and scope.

History of the Club

The Chelmsford (1944) Rifle Club was originally founded in 1944 as the 6th Essex Home Guard Rifle Club. This was at the time when the Home Guard, raised in 1940, was disbanded when the threat of invasion by the enemy had ceased. The object of the Club was to promote an interest in shooting that existed among the ex-members of the Home Guard. The 6th Essex Home Guard Rifle Club was one of many ex-Home Guard Clubs that were formed throughout the country at that time, all of which were sponsored by the then War Office and the local Territorial Army Associations.

The present title of the Club was introduced in 1955, when it was decided to include the name "Chelmsford". The original Chelmsford Rifle Club having been disbanded many years before. The "1944" has been kept in the title to indicate visually and proudly that we, as a Club, are an ex-Home Guard Club.