Chelmsford (1944) Rifle Club

Affiliated to: BSRC, ECSRPA, NRA, NSRA
Lee Enfield No.4T action and scope.

Full Bore - 100yards/300yards

24th April 2021 08:00
We have three targets booked at 100 yards am and 300 yards pm on Saturday 24th April at Bisley. Restrictions have been relaxed a little so we can have a maximum of nine shooters per target i.e a maximum of 27 people. The range fee will revert to £22. Please let the treasurer if you would like to attend by e-mail, names will be logged on the website as before but if you reserve a place and don’t turn up you will still be expected to pay the range fee.  Cancellations are fine but you must give more than 8 days notice in case we need to cancel a target. Please don’t forget to give me your membership number.
Places will be reserved on a first come first served basis and in the unlikely event that we have more than 27 shooters (which would probably be a record!) then priority will be given to those members who did not attend the last shoots at Bisley.
If you are shooting it is imperative that you read, understand and comply with the Covid (and other) rules displayed on the NRA’s website ( as some procedures including showing your firearms clear have changed. The NRA officials will be keeping a close eye on proceedings I’m sure. The link to the COVID regulations is :
The National Shooting Centre, Bisley
The National Shooting Centre
United Kingdom
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